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Welcome on! This website belongs to the Ananda Margiis' Linux User Group. Ananda Marga is a spiritual path in the tradition of Tantra (not what you might think, many people in amlug are actually monks) and Yoga.

AMLUG associates with the global Linux community. Learns what the community contributes, develops ideas and scripts, and to give a little something back to the free software community, since getting so much for free.

Devfs or Udev?

There is presently a poll asking about Devfs and Udev device system in AL-AMLUG Live CD, Which one do you prefer, Devfs or Udev?

Devfs FAQ:

Udev FAQ:

Thankyou AMLUG Webteam
Posted by: co-webmaster on Saturday, January 22, 2005 - 09:15 AM GMT
  News & Information
23 Reads

To give a little something back...

(Welcome message by
"Since Linus Torvalds launched Linux (1991) there has been a mutual feeling to give something to the free software community. When receiving a gift or there is an opportunity to help without cost of sources, there is that natural tendency to give in return.

"To contribute to free software community requires basic knowledge/skill in software development and an Internet access to certain sources. These few things may stop a user. We are here to help as long as its within our capacity. With some help and learning the basic you can start contibuting.

"You can contribute in different way; in the form of ideas, start a project, or simply collaborate on user contributed works. But most important is to remember you don't need to be a "professional" developer as long as there is an interest to learn. Become an eudev (end user developer) by working together with like-minded members.

" is still new, don't expect too much. But there are already available for you to join a project discussion forum and wiki."

Home page:


  Arch Live Tx
Posted by: rasat on Saturday, December 11, 2004 - 12:54 PM GMT
  News & Information
129 Reads

Arch Live Tx - a live CD transmuter.

Arch Live Tx is a live CD developer package (not a live CD) transmuting HD to live CD either from an exiting setup or minimum set of Arch Linux base packages. With the help of pre-installed system template, setup tool and simple instructions, users can develop any type of live CD (rescue, demo, dev ) with minimum effort.

Read more: Altx wiki page"


  Users' Project Discussion
Posted by: co-webmaster on Friday, December 10, 2004 - 05:05 AM GMT
  News & Information
100 Reads

New forum!

AMLUG Project Logbook has been inactive for a long time when all development activities gradually moved to Users' Project Discussion.

Users' Project Discussion" - forums for Arch Linux and general (all distro) related projects. It has an attached User Contributions Wiki - open platform to contribute scripts for the projects, or collaborate on existing codes.


  Project Page in wiki
Posted by: co-webmaster on Monday, November 08, 2004 - 06:08 AM GMT
  General Information
125 Reads

AMLUG Project Page in wiki

The project page is now in wiki easier to update with latest projects and developments.
AMLUG Project Page."

Latest news: With the help of useful information and suggestion from Arch users, hwd is undergoing a major upgrade. Hwd will no longer be "based on Knoppix" though X configure engine still remains. Lot of clean up of files and changes in the /etc/hwd/hwd script. The new upgrade (4.x) recognizes multiple HD, CDROM and netcards and "hwd -v" detects PCMCIA cards. Read more at AMLUG Project Page."


  General AMLUG news
Posted by: co-webmaster on Monday, August 30, 2004 - 03:40 AM GMT
  News & Information
296 Reads

AMLUG news!!

Few new major features and Hwd (hardware detect for Arch) moved to series 3.x. Hwd is now able to list all detected pci and usb devices (hwd -v). It also detects system information of memory and mount points usage (hwd -y). And there is an improved expert mode.
PCMCIA card detection is still weak but will be improved in the coming upgrade - pcmciatable detection system is ready but the list requires updating."

Desktop & WM Live CD
The project is postponed because of new release for Xfce4, Fluxbox and Fvwm are one the way. All with major improvement.



Do you prefer Devfs or Udev?

Doesn't matter
Don't know

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